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(Updated May 20th)

  May 2018 (Magazine Format)


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Tips For Viewing Our Online Publication:

There are 2 ways to view the magazine.

The First is the Booklet (or magazine) Style.  Click that link to view in the flip-book style.  On the left of the pages, you will find navigation features allowing you to go full page with the magazine and a magnifier to allow you to zoom in on a particular page to see the small print better.

Personally, I like viewing the Booklet Style best, but how you view is up to you.

The Second is the .pdf file.

Depending on the browser you use and the software you have installed on your particular device, you will be viewing the magazine files online in real time.  You may scroll down to see each “page” of the magazine.  Please note that depending on your internet speed and connection, the pages should appear as you scroll down.  If you scroll too quickly, you might encounter a “blank” space; just slow down a bit and it will fill in with a page as soon as your connection catches up.  For normal viewing, where you read each page as you go, this should not be a problem.

You also may choose to download the entire magazine (depending on your internet speed could take a few minutes) and store a copy on your computer for viewing anytime.  This is generally a better option for  viewing and printing.  If you do this, be sure to check back here each week for updates as we add new pages as ads come in throughout the month.

You will know when you reach the end of the publication with our “Ending Page”.

Feel free to let me know which you like best or which works best on your device.  You can always email me at

Thanks!  And Happy Viewing.